To whom it may concern:

I am writing to give positive feedback while working with a recent group of YOE employees. I do not speak for either the property owner or my employer, but being that positive feedback is generally welcome at any time, I will speak for myself.

In my position as security at the property I have had many occasions to work with and coordinate efforts regarding safety and security. All of the crews, in all occasions, have been without flaw in maintaining a safe and secure workplace while dealing with difficult circumstances.

The exemplary performance and professionalism of Jared, Jamin and Eric during challenging situations merits special acknowledgement.

From the worst snow storms this area has ever recorded to the hazards of 25 ton trucks traveling directly in their work space day after day after day, Jared and the team with him maintained a safe and secure workplace at all times. These actions required a deliberate and thoughtful mindset that was noticed and appreciated.

The communication between the crew in the guard shack and your teams allowed us to plan for any eventuality. Working with us to manage the high flow of traffic during extended lane closures, while still being able to find a way to fit a cement mixer (or 10) into the schedule, was one key to keeping our traffic flowing while maintaining a safe environment.

I do wish my note could come with recognition of either company, but that is not within my power to give. Just know your team worked hard, never complained, and I never saw one with his hands in his pockets (as though he had nothing to do.)

My coworker and I thank you for sending such an excellent crew.


Jerome E.