Quarry Electrical Room

In Fall 2012, Yoe was awarded a contract to construct a new electrical room at a major quarry site in Texas. Yoe’s expertise and multi-faceted capabilities contributed to the project coming in ahead of schedule and allowed the client to utilize Yoe’s expertise to address other project needs while on-site. Core components of the project included:

Key Aspects of the Project
Demolition – Including removal of existing concrete and demolition of the existing structure to add a walkway into the new room.

Excavation – Yoe’s experience in the quarry mining industry ensured they were prepared to adapt to the conditions and materials found throughout the excavation process.

Pouring New Slab with Frost Footers and a Concrete Roof – Yoe’s concrete expertise allowed the team to make recommendations to improve the efficiency of the client’s original plans, adjusting the rebar plans in the foundation.

Block Work, Painting and Roofing to Overlay the Concrete Roof – Trusted subcontractors specializing in these areas were brought in for these elements.

Yoe’s commitment to safety and quality work were at the center of the project’s success and were a key component of being referred and selected as the project contractor. Throughout the project, Yoe’s team was committed to customizing their workflow to best-fit the clients’ production schedules and needs. In addition to providing the services under the original contract, Yoe was able to assist the customer with other construction needs while on-site, providing budget and schedule efficiencies.


Project Highlights

Category: Concrete Construction
Date of Completion: October 2013
Location: Texas
Approximate Value Added: $1.2 Million